We have already realized four editions of MASTERSHOT film workshops in Warsaw and Poznań. We have trained a about 450 people who have produced 8 films in one shot, during 14 workshop days. Over twelve partners supported us in the realization of the workshops, including the City of Poznań, the Polish Film Institute, the University of Arts in Poznań, the Poznań Film Commission, the Zamek Cultural Centre in Poznań, the Sky Club in Warsaw, FreeFly Systems, WinMar and many other professionals from the film industry.

Do you have a brilliant idea for your Mastershot but you have no equipment nor a crew? Thanks to the support of our partners, we will organize workshops for you, in which you will be able to take advantage of the advice and knowledge of our experts.
If you already have a strong crew and equipment, but you want to share your experience with the other professionals  from film industry – these workshops are for you as well.

We have invited excellent filmmakers to lead the workshops. We also make accessible for you the best equipment to make movies. Take advantage of professional stabilizers Movi, cameras ARRI, RED the newest professional drones ALTA and other professional equipment.

The workshops last for at least 2 days and consist of two parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, we will deal with issues related to the challenges of making a Mastershot (or long-take using only one shot) how to organize work at the film plan, what equipment to use, how to coordinate the work of actors, extras and stunts etc. In the practical part we will deal with the configuration of teh equipment, the set-up to production and provide participants with equipment to make their Mastershot


To enter the workshop, please use the form and submit your script. The authors of the most interesting ideas will be qualified for the workshops and we will help them to make movies based on the script.


The preliminary list of cities we will visit: GDANSK - WARSAW - POZNAN -CRACOW - BERLIN - PRAGUE - LOS ANGELES.

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