The most important rule is to use only one shot in the film material - the so-called MASTERSHOT, without any "cuts". The film must be made from the beginning to the end by using one camera. Every kind of camera can be used to make it, but the film has to be made in the minimum quality of Full HD resolution. The camera can be assembled in any way, passed to other operators, lowered on a rope, assembled on a crane, stabilizer, car, bike or drone. The road made by the camera is not a limit. The film sent to the Contest must be a complete narration, tell a story, show and action and arouse emotions. Coloring, slow-motion, and post-production sound are accepted.

Films submitted for the Contest cannot be produced earlier than 3 years before the deadline for submitting applications. We accept films that were made after 30th November of 2015. The author of the film must have full copyright to the work. The film should have subtitles in English (if it contains dialogues spoken by actors or a narrator). If the submission concerns a film that is in the process of so called "Festival road" and is subject to submissiona also for other contests, then it should have a trailer that will be published in the media. The participants of the Contest agree to publish their works.

After 2 weeks from the closing date of submitting applications (i.e. November 30th, 2018), the Jury evaluates films scoring them from 1 to 10 in terms of three variables: plot, shots and general impressions. The results will be announced by December 14th, 2018 on the Mastershot Film Festival website. The winners will also be notified via email about the Prize. In December 2018, the Closing Gala will be held in Poznan and the winners will be awarded with the przez. It will be z summary of this year's MASTERSHOT FILM FESTIVAL..


Films can be submitted to the Contest in two ways:

The first method is to send an original script. After verification, his author is qualified for a workshops and he will be able to make his film with the support given by the professionals.

The second method means sending the film directly to the Organizers. Then it is verified and may be qualified for the shortlist of Top Ten. Each participant can submit any number of films. The number of films uploaded does not guarantee qualifying for the shortlist of the Contest.

The submitted film must have a title. If the film has a dialogues, then it must have subtitles in English.




The Main Prize of the Mastershot Film Festival is a MoVI stabilizer funded by FreeFly Systems.

The application form will be available in October and November 2018 on the festival's website.

The full text of the regulations will also be available soon on our website.

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